Ultimate guide to the Isle of Skye – activities and accommodation

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               If you ever get an opportunity to visit Scotland, Isle of Skye is definitely a must-see-destination. Every tour guide in Scotland will be happy to tell you all of the stories connected with this magical place, and most of them revolve around the fascinating history and legends, the amazing scenery and the traditional music and poetry. But what exactly is this place and how to get there?

Isle of Sky

            The Isle of Skye is the largest and best known island of the Inner Hebrides. Lying close to the north-west coast of Scottish Highlands, it can be reached by bridge or by ferries. Even when coming close to the island the visitor is welcomed by wonderful scenery, because the coastline is filled with bays, massive cliffs, waterfalls and other wonders of nature. A massive mountain range, called the Cuillin, dominates the landscape with its ridges and high peaks.

When arriving on the Skye, every guest learns that it’s not only nature’s beauties that make this place so fascinating. History and tradition are present on almost every corner, and it covers many topics: from dinosaurs, battles of the clans to Jacobite Rebellion. Popular Scottish system of clans was dominant on this island as well, so castles of Clan McDonald and Clan McLeod should also be visited.

There is definitely great variety of “see and do” things on this magnificent place and some of them include:

  • Ancient monuments (large number of duns, standing stones, etc.)
  • Beaches (great for kayaking, fishing or snorkeling during the summer)
  • Castles and gardens (great for days with bad weather; most famous castles on the Skye are Armadale Castle, Dunvegan Castle; interesting garden is An Acarsaid in Ord)
  • Boat trips (various companies provide boat tours around the isle; great for sight-seeing and for spotting wildlife, predominantly eagles, sea puffins, seals and occasionally dolphins, otters or even whales)
  • Natural wonders (footprints of dinosaur family on the beach in An Corran; famous Kilt Rock sea cliff; astonishing Spar Cave with alabaster-like columns and stairs, etc.)
  • Other interesting places (Gavin Maxwell’s Island; Flora MacDonald’s Memorial; St Columba’s Isle, and many others)

Isle of Sky

Since the popularity of this place constantly rises there are more and more tourists coming every year, and all of them usually require a place to eat and a place to sleep. This is where Bed & Breakfast businesses step up, and provide exactly that – a warm, often traditional Scottish breakfast in the morning with a clean, prepared bed for the evening. These comfortable facilities provide great service with generous hospitality and allow you to explore the island all through the day without worrying where you will spend the night. Design of these houses can vary – from small mountain houses with wooden beams to high-class hotel and motel accommodation with king sized beds and all other modern features. Most of Bed & Breakfast houses and cottages are located out of urban areas and in this way provide easy access to fascinating nature and all of the activities available.


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